Curb mounted solar venting skylight FVC-S

Curb mounted solar venting skylights FVC-S

Innovative skylight intended for both flat and pitched roofs featuring excellent thermal performance and modern design.



  • Made of partially recycled multi-chamber PVC profiles.
  • The inner profile side (visible from the inside) is in white (RAL 9010) and the outer one is black (RAL 9005). The outer aluminum profile covering the sash and frame is grey-brown (RAL 7022).
  • Colorless weather sealant between the glazing unit and aluminum profile.
  • Designed for rooms with periodically elevated humidity levels.
  • Equipped with the PV solar panel with integrated battery and rain sensor.
  • Electric actuator concealed in the skylight frame.
  • Equipped with single chamber solar G33 glazing unit with internal glass laminated and warm spacer. Should the pane crack, shards of glass do not pose a danger but remain on the laminate film.
  • 30 mm blackened area around perimeter of the glazing unit – modern design.
  • Perfectly smooth modern design for easy water drainage.
  • Suitable for pitches from 0° to 60°.
  • Installed with the EL-C or EL-H flashing (15° to 60°).
  • Option to install without the flashing (0° to 14°) – roof work required.
  • Can be equipped with a wide range of additional accessories.
  • Supplied with remote control and insect screen.
  • Available in 10 standard sizes.
  • Special wooden base required for installation.

Curb mounted solar venting skylights FVC-S




  • FVC-S G33 - Laminated Glass

    • single chamber Solar Factor glazing unit, 4HT– Tg14Ar – 33.2, blackening at the edge of the glazing unit (0.2 inches) colour RAL 9005
    • Multi chamber white PVC profilemulti-chamber white PVC profile
    • Designed for kitchens and bathroomsdesigned for rooms with periodically elevated humidity levels.
    • Suitable for pitches from 0-60suitable for roof pitches 0-60
    FVC-S G33
    • argon inert gas filled panes + internal glass laminated (safe) 720 Water Penetration Resistance/Test Pressure