Wooden folding highly insulated attic ladders LWT Thermo - FAKRO

Wooden folding super-thermo insulated attic ladder

  • LWT Super-Thermo Insulated R-value 12.5

    • Stile ends plastic ends
    • White hatch white hatch - lock
    • Three peripheral seals three gaskets
    • Treads set flush with ladder strings non-slip steps
    • Handrail handrail
    • Easy fitting simple installation
    • Possibility of installing additional accessories additional accessories available
    • Fully assembled fully assembled and ready for quick installation in the ceiling
    • 2 year warranty
    LWT Thermo
    • 300 lbs maximum loading 12.5 attic ladder R-value 2 7/8 insulation thickness 3 1/8 hatch thickness ANSI 14.9.2004 norm requirements

    LWT Super-Thermo Insulated R-value 12.5LWT Super-Thermo Insulated R-value 12.5LWT Super-Thermo Insulated R-value 12.5

    The LWT is a super thermal insulated attic ladder that is made of wood and folds in three sections. The perimeter of the frame is lined with a triple seal system and the lid is double sandwich-insulated for higher energy efficiency.

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    LWT Super-Thermo Insulated R-value 12.5




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