Walkable Skylight DXW

Walkable Skylight DXW

The Walkable Skylight DXW offers a completely new approach to be taken with flat roof design.

This flat roof window has a specially strengthened sash and frame made from multi-chamber PVC profiles which enables you to walk across the entire surface safely. Its features such as non-slip coating and safe glazing unit offer a modern design, high quality of finish and do not spoil its aesthetics.



Walkable Skylight DXW

  • Allows to walk across its entire surface freely
  • Frame made from multiple chamber PVC profiles
  • Excellent thermal insulation of the window, Uw = 0.12 Btu/h ft2 F
  • Anti-slip coating ensures the safety of use
  • Ensures the illumination of the room under the window
  • Increased resistance to moisture
  • Highly energy efficient and safe glazing units
  • Increased resistance to break-in attempts thanks to reinforced design
  • Range of internal accessories







  • DXW DW6

    • 0.12 Btu/h ft2 F window U-value 0.08 Btu/h ft2 F glazing U-value 888.44(1xESG, 2xTVG)-Tg16Ar-4HT-Tg18Ar-66.2T glazing unit argon inert gas filled panes + external glass toughened


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