Larger Windows - more opportunities

Window with raised axis of rotation with lower transom FDY-V Duet proSky

We spend increasingly more time indoors with limited access to natural light. That is the reason why large glazings have
become popular recently, providing an abundance of natural light and unrestricted view to the outside which is now within
easy reach.

An ideal product for installation within the attic space are large FDY-V Duet proSky roof windows that feature an impressive height of 255 cm. Windows can be joined in horizontal combinations to achieve an extraordinary glazed area. What is more, the Duet proSky windows fit into the standard rafter spacing, thus eliminating the need for labour-intensive and costly modifi cations in the roof structure.

The FDY-V is a double sash window. The upper sash can be rotated through 160° and is equipped with energy-effi cient, single chamber glazing unit. The lower sash is nonopening and have internal glass laminated to provide increased safety when operating the window. The axis of rotation is situated above the centre of the window, so even a tall person can easily walk up to the window edge.

The window is equipped with the automatic V40P air inlet that provides an optimum amount of fresh air into the room and ensures a healthy micro-climate in the attic and thermal energy savings.

In addition, the window comes with topSafe system which increases operational safety and burglary resistance, while thermoPro
technology ensures improved energy-efficiency performance, greater durability, excellent tightness and facilitates the installation process.