Flat roof windows – Floating Light

Flat Roof windows by FAKRO are an excellent alternative to vertical windows as they illuminate the interior and provide a sense of privacy. One of the key benefits of these windows is their high thermal performance, which significantly increases comfort and reduces energy use in your home. Natural light not only brings your homes interior to life but is shown to have psychological and physical health benefits. FAKRO flat roof windows are designed with high resistance materials which allow them to maintain their functionality and appearance regardless of intense sunlight, rain, or snow.

FAKRO offers a wide range of windows for flat roofs to meet a variety of customer needs and preferences. Manually and electrically opened versions allow for full control over the airflow, while non-opening models are ideal for rooms where the priority is only to bring in natural light. They stand behind excellent lighting and impeccable aesthetics.

Look at the light coming from above. It moves, changes and reflects giving a new look at…

... your health and well-being

Natural light is key to our physical and psychological well being as it helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, improves our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, helps us to focus, and even makes us happier. The specially designed sash and frame in the flat roof windows offer up to a 16% bigger glazing area when compared to competition. This allows to create interior that is comfortable, bright, and spacious.

... your safety

The glazing used in our flat roof windows is resistant to hail and is rated at the highest impact resistance class which features a Class P2A anti-burglary inner pane. This means that they are equipped with additional security features that hinder or delay burglary attempts, providing residents with a sense of security and protection of their home.

... savings

The excellent thermal parameters of the flat roof windows provide savings in both money and energy. Not only is lighting optimized by these windows but with this intelligent design you can heat your home using natural sunlight in the winter, while the adequate insulation can ensure interior climate is maintained. This makes a positive contribution to environmental protection which is all a part of our GO GREEN policy.

... your comfort

A wide range of internal and external accessories  are also available for our flat roof windows that significantly enhance the comfort of living. The AMZ external awning blind provides excellent control over the amount and intensity of incoming light which minimizes solar heat gain, while the ARF/D internal blackout blind allows full control of amount of natural light coming in  and adds to interior design.

... non-standard and innovative projects

In addition to standard sizes, FAKRO roof windows can be manufactured in custom dimensions that can be perfectly matched to individual preferences and requirements. In response to higher insulation standards, we enable the replacement of old flat roof windows with new ones, regardless of their size.

... not only on the roof

The DXW innovative flat roof walkable window was acknowledged with the prestigious ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture - Best of Best. Its specially strengthened sash and frame enable it to be installed completely flush within the roof deck. With special design features such as enhanced load-bearing capacity and a lasting, non-slip glass you can walk across its surface freely.