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A new building in downtown Richmond, Virginia

A new building in downtown Richmond, Virginia offers luxurious apartments in the attic space. Excellent comfort of living has been secured by installing the highest quality FAKRO roof windows.

View of the Pacific Ocean from four exceptional windows

An old “eccentric” building located on the Californian coast has undergone renovation and turned into an ideal place to relax. The bedroom offers a fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean and all this thanks to four unique roof windows.  

Larger Windows - More Opportunities

We spend increasingly more time indoors with limited access to natural light. That is the reason why large glazings have become popular recently, providing an abundance of natural light and unrestricted view to the outside which is now within easy reach.


Effective protection from overheating inside

Once a cold winter and a pleasant spring are over, the long-awaited summer is coming. Beautiful holiday time is the season when we enjoy sunny days catching the sunlight on the beach, in the mountains or in our own garden. After a long day of  such summer attractions we are looking for relaxation in our homes. Rooms with excessive heat gain are not conducive to effective rest. Window accessories are here to help.