Roof windows ahead of their time

Roof windows - innovation and high quality

FAKRO has been demonstrating its commitment to producing pioneering, high quality products for over twenty years.

By innovating we have continued to design products which became the industry standard and make people ask for them by name. In effect, we have consistently brought the future into the present day. When designing new roof windows, we take account of every conceivable factor which might affect a user. FAKRO roof windows have been designed not only for comfort and ease of use but style and functional efficiency.



System topSafe

FAKRO can offer long-term guarantees of performance


Such is our confidence in the quality of FAKRO products, that we can offer long-term guarantees of performance.

10 year warranty for window, 20 year warranty for glazing

quality and innovation



We are present in 47 countries around the world

FAKRO designs provide a larger glazing area and have made our windows the most efficient in terms of provision of natural daylight. In addition to greatly enhancing the loft space environment, innovative aspects of our windows such as an automatic air inlet ensure that the optimum level of fresh air is provided without unnecessary heat loss. The pioneering topSafe® system greatly increased the standard of burglary resistance while the use of environmentally sustainable technologies has enabled us to create the most thermally efficient roof window in the world, the FTT U8 Thermo.

This combines an exceptionally low overall U-value with the use of eco-friendly insulation, and air tight flashing.


 Ample natural light