Ekologiczne produkty



The primary material used by FAKRO is pinewood. FAKRO sources wood from areas and companies that adhere to planned forest management. The program stresses that the amount of trees planted and grown is greater than the amount harvested.


Wood used for production is seasoned and dried in automatically controlled chambers in humidity levels of up to 12%. Modern furnaces sustain multiple drying chambers that are heated by the combustion of post-production wood waste from nearby production plants.

Kolektory słoneczne - darmowa energia


FAKRO products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This internationally recognized certification takes into account the commitment to forest protection and renewability.

Our involvement with Planned Forest Management helps:

  • develop and implement eco-friendly products
  • incorporate ecological technologies
  • minimize and utilize waste materials
  • reduce gas emissions
  • reduce noise pollution



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