Modernity & Functionality

A modern design of the multi-family building stands out against the background of the urban layout of Richmond which is the capital of Virginia and one of the oldest cities in the United States. The building is characterised by a number of windows featuring large glazing area and a fashionable, interesting facade.

The building is entirely kept in cold colours, dominated by grey and shades of blue. On the other hand, the roof is covered with grey sheet metal, while its rich complement are one of the most impressive and functional FAKRO roof windows such as Galeria and Duet proSky installed in the combination. These windows fit perfectly into the roofing thanks to well-matched colours of the cladding. The facade is made of sheet metal panels in the same colour to complete the entire design. 

The roof with a pitch of 45° and the possibility of installing roof windows featuring large glazed area allowed the contractor to develop the attic by designing flats there. In view of the building regulations, it was not possible to construct a building higher than two floors. Thus, in this project, windows not only fulfilled their main function of providing light to rooms within the attic space, but also made it possible to construct more apartments. And here the words of appreciation should go to an architect who came up with this project. 

Innovative windows feature impeccable aesthetics and functionality. From the outside, the combined Galeria and proSky windows look identical, which makes them perfectly harmonise with each other visually. Inside, large balcony windows increase the operational space by their conversion into a balcony. When it comes to advantages provided by proSky windows, they allow to admire the surroundings as the increased axis of rotation enables even a tall person to walk up easily to the window edge.