SMZ/AMZ awning solar blind

SMZ/AMZ awning solar blind

Have a rest in shade...

The awning solar blind is an appropriate combination of effective protection from heat and comfort of use.

Due to the fact that the awning blind absorbs solar radiation before it reaches the glazing and emits the heat to the outside of the room, it constitutes much better protection from tiresome heat in the sunny days than internal accessories. At the same time, it allows the ingress of natural light and ensures visual contact with the environment.


AMZ SOLAR is powered by solar batteries and controlled by remote control. In emergency cases, awning blind can be controlled by service button located on the awning blind. Solar awning blind is powered with 15VDC battery pack built-in blind’s case.The batteries are recharged by the solar panel. Motor nominal current is 1.4A.


  • SMZ Solar – solar powered electric awning blind for FX, FV, FVE & FVS skylights; only available in color 090 with 10%       transparency
  • AMZ Solar – solar powered electric awning blind for roof windows
  • AMZ/F Solar – solar powered electric awning blind for flat roof windows




Manufacturer Certification Statement

FVC-S skylight qualifies for up to 30% Federal tax credit as a “Solar Electric Property” when purchased and installed between 1.1.2022 and 12.31.2032

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  • SMZ Solar

    • Operated by handawning blind controlled by a remote control
  • AMZ Solar

    • Operated by handawning blind controlled by a remote control
  • AMZ/F Solar

    • Operated by hand awning blind controlled by a remote control




The awning blind ensures up to 8 times more effective protection against overheating when compared with internal blinds.


  • Effective reduction of heat from the sun
  • Installed on the outside of the window
  • Protection from excessive brightness, whilst maintaining good overall levels of natural light
  • Protection from harmful uv radiation
  • Protection from harmful light reflection, especially important when working with computers
  • Positioned outside, it does not reduce the glazing surface
  • Effective shading of the interior even when the window is ajar
  • When used in rainy weather, reduces noise of hailstones and rainfall


The awning blind is made of durable, weather- resistant fibre glass fabric.

The fabric is roller mounted with motor fitted inside an aluminium casing which is installed at the top of the window. In the cloth’s edges, there is a special tape that maintains appropriate fabric tension between the guides and prevents the fabric falling out of the guides. Such fabric and profile joining increases its resistance to wind. This solution withstands wind gusts of up to 120km/h and side wind speed of up to 220km/h.

Available colors and materials

SMZ/AMZ awning solar blinds come with relative fabrics transparency of 10% and 1%.

Group I - in two colours (material with 10% relative fabric transparency)

Group II - available in one colour (with 1% relative fabric transparency)


Effect of relative clearance 10% - awning blind Group I 

Effect of relative clearance 10% - awning blind

Effect of relative clearance 1% - awning blind Group II

Effect of relative clearance 1% - awning blind


Awning blinds with 10% fabric transparency

Awning blinds with 1% fabric transparency


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