Flat Roof Access Skylight DRF DU6

Flat Roof Access Skylight DRF DU6

Fakro DRF flat roof access skylight is an energy-efficient hatch that acts as a skylight while providing access to flat roofs. A special opening system of patented hinges and gas springs safely open the window and secure it in the open position at 80 degrees.

This window utilizes Fakro DU6 triple-pane glazing mounted on insulated multi-chamber PVC frame.

“Infinity glass” top surface design profile has a large glazing area with up to 16% more glass surface than standard frame designs.

The DRF is also available in a domed version.

Please note, standard glazing units are only suitable for installation of up to 3,000 feet above sea level.



  • Energy-efficient DU6 glazing with UV filtering double chamber Low-E glass filled with argon gas

  • Integrated insulated curb (frame) made of multi-chamber PVC profile

  • Suitable for green roofs with the addition of an XRD frame extension base

  • Skylight is intended for a roof with a pitch between 2° and 15°

  • Internal and external accessories available

  • 10-year warranty

  • Integrated insulated curb (frame) made of multi-chamber PVC profile

Flat Roof Access Skylight DRF DU6




  • DRF DU6

    • 0.23 BTU/h f2 F window U-value 0.18 BTU/h f2 F glazing U-value 6H -18 - 4 H T-18 - 4 4. 2T, 6H-16-4HT-18-55.2T** glazing unit argon inert gas filled panes + external glass toughened + internal glass laminated (safe) two seals

    flat access roof light equipped with DU6 glazing unit, featuring excellent insulation parameters

    ** Glazing unit structure for size 47 1/4" x 47 1/4 " (120 cm x120 cm)

DRF available sizes



30 x 30

30 x 36

36 x 36

36 x 48

48 x 48

Rough opening


29⅞ x 29⅞

29⅞ x 34⅞

34⅞ x 34⅞

34⅞ x 46⅝

46⅝ x 46⅝

Outside frame


39⅛ x 39⅛

39⅛ x 44⅛

44⅛ x 44⅛

44⅛ x 55⅞

55⅞ x 55⅞




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