Flashings for scale-like roofing materials


Flashings for Thin, Flat Roof Coverings ESV, ESJELN flashing ideal for a neat fit of a window with slated roof covering up to 0.40" thick.

Applied as standard to individual windows in the slope of the roof. A series of window units may also be combined in vertical, horizontal and groups.







Flashings for scale-like roofing materialsElements of ELN flashing

The flashing consists of:
– top part of the flashing
– bottom part of the flashing
– side parts
– profiles covering sides of the frame
– top drainage gutter

The lower element of the flashing is finished with a plastic mat glued to the underside thus allowing the flashing to adhere to the roof covering for a tight fit.

As standard there is top drainage gutter included in the package in case the roof structure allows its installation.







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