Welcome in FAKRO smartHome project

Now, your skylights, roof windows and internal and external blinds can be associated with a new or existing home automatization system.

When there is no smartHome system in place yet, all Fakro radio controlled products can be operated directly with included remote control. Later they can be combined into one „family“ and controled with the use of smartphone, PC or tablet.

FAKRO, electric and solar powered products use Z-Wave communication protocol.

Z-Wave is a complete radio controlled system specially designed to control and monitor residential and commercial buildings. Z-Wave technology has the highest quality and safety
in the field of wireless control.

A wide selection of different Z-Wave devices available on the market makes this system most versatile. SmartHome system built on Z-Wave can integrate not only FAKRO products, but all kind of other devices including various types of sensors and switches.

FAKRO products that can be used in the smartHome system are:

  • skylights and roof windows
  • internal roller blinds
  • external awning blinds for skylights
  • external awning blinds for vertical windows
  • external awning blinds with anti smog air filter
  • vertical windows (equipped with power tilt option)
  • HS sliding doors (equiped with electric motor)


Idea behind smartHome is not only higher comfort but also increased safety of living.



Exemplary smartHome system:

Smoke sensor - after detecting an increase of indoor temperature and smoke, the sensor (depending on the program) may close Fakro windows to facilitate extinguishing the fire or in the case of light smoke, open to ventilate the room.

CO/CO2 sensor - after detecting increased level of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide in the room can automatically open skylights or windows to ventilate the room. It can also issue a sound or light warning signal, to warn the residents.

Temperature and humidity sensor - connected to FAKRO Skyligts or blinds, when detecting too high humidity level in the room, will open the skylight to ventilate the room.

In case of high temperature, the sensor can open the skylight to ventilate the room, but also can close the blinds to reflect the heat carried by the sun rays. If necessary, it can also close the skylight and the blinds, and turn the air-condition on. In the winter time, it can turn the heat on, to increase the temperature.


Wind force sensor. For correct operation requires the Fakro ZWMP weather module. In case of strong wind it will take care of automatic closing of FAKRO skylights or external blinds.


Motion sensor – it will notify the owner of the intrusion through the window or skylight into the room. It does not have to be a human, but an animal that can destroy your interior. If necessary, motion sensor can close FAKRO skylights in case of movement detection on the roof.

The following are examples of presets (scenes) that can be programmed on smartphone or tablet to control Z-Wave smart home devices:

  • Morning scene – open all blinds
  • Ventilation scene – open all skylights and turn of heating or cooling
  • Movie scene – closes external or internal blinds, dim the lights to 20%;
  • Coming Home scene – turn light on, open garage door
  • CO Alarm scene – open skylights / windows
  • Midday – close chosen external blinds to block heat from intense sun
  • Smog – may close all Fakro external blind with anti-smog filter
  • Leaving Home – close all blinds, lock doors, turn on alarm, and cut the power off in some outlets
  • Burglary scene – turns on all lights and opens up blinds, triggers video recording in monitoring system