Skylights with additional thermal insulation

Advantages of insulated (thermo) flashing for Fakro skylights

  • insulates the skylight's connection with the roof deck by reducing thermal bridges (the difference between internal and external temperatures)
  • reduces or completely eliminates the risk of condensation inside the skylight's frame and glass
  • reduces heat loss or excessive heat gain, which reduces utility costs and saves energy
  • increases the R-value of the entire products by up to 10% as per tests done by an independent laboratory
  • extends the performance and life of the skylight by protecting the frame from freezing temperatures
  • helps recede water, blowing snow, or rain by almost an extra 1 inch away from the rough opening of the skylight providing extra protection from these elements




Skylights with Additional Thermal Insulation - FAKRO USA Skylights with Additional Thermal Insulation - FAKRO USA