Electric control system

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Electric control

The FAKRO company, one of the most innovative companies in Poland, has implemented a revolutionary wireless Z-Wave radio communication system for its electrical products.

Z-Wave is a wireless radio protocol used for communication of household electrical appliances. It is used to connect in one network of electrical equipment such as: lighting, thermostats, alarms, computers, telephones, air conditioning and control of electric windows and blinds. All electrical devices that have a Z-Wave system module can be connected to the network.

Currently, over 300 manufacturers of household electrical appliances are in the Z-Wave system worldwide (including Samsung, LG, Intel, Panasonic, General Electric, Bosch). The Z-Wave system is also used in devices used in construction, for example in FAKRO roof windows.


Electric control diagram


Radio system is easy to install, expand and manage at every stage of building use. Installation of the system does not require any control units or fitting wires between electronic devices, hence significantly reducing cost and time of installation and maximising usage comfort. It is intended for buildings under construction as well as already existing structures.

The operating principle of this system consists in “mapping out a route” for a signal. For radio waves sent from a controlling device (e.g. remote control) there is set a route in such a way so that a command reaches the right device and is invariably performed. This is achieved by means of requiring conformation of command reception by a device sending out commands, in this case a remote control.