Flat roof deck mounted skylights

Flat roof deck mounted skylights


Flat roof deck mounted skylights are designed and manufactured from high quality materials, using innovative solutions and with great attention to aesthetics. Excellent insulation parameters, ample natural light, possibility of ventilation, ease of operation and wide range of accessories make them ensure high comfort of using rooms under the flat roof.


Flat roof skylights are available in three versions:

  • DEF - electrically opened
  • DMF - manually opened
  • DXF - non-opening



Skylight’s structure

The D_F flat roof skylight features a sleek modern look. It is characterised by excellent thermal insulation parameters. The structure of the frame is the same as for FAKRO domed skylights for flat roofs, however, the main difference is the glazing which is bonded using modern manufacturing technologies to produce a smooth and seam-free surface.

D_F flat roof skylight


The electrically operated windows have a built-in sensor that automatically activates the sash closing function when it rains.

D_F flat roof skylight


The structure and design of the DEF Z-Wave electrically-operated thermo flat roof skylight has earned it the prestigious German Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

D_F flat roof skylight


Glazing units used in D_F flat roof deck mounted skylights

DU6 glazing


Glazing unit structure:
6H - Tg18Ar - 4HT - Tg18Ar - 44.2T


Glazing unit structure for size: 46/46
6H - Tg16Ar - 4HT - Tg18Ar - 55.2T

DU8 glazing


Glazing unit structure:
6H - Tg10Kr - 4HT- Tg10Kr - 4HT -Tg12Kr - 44.2T


* special order


Please note, standard glazing units are only suitable for installation of up to 3,000 feet above sea level.